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What Is The Difference Between Carpenters And Wood Framing Contractors In Delta?

A lot of people often ask whether there is any difference between a carpenter and a wood framer. While both use similar materials and tools in their profession, carpenters and Wood Framing Contractors in Delta neither do the same kind of work nor produce similar kinds of finished products. So, how are they different?

Would you ever ask your General Physician or GP to perform your heart surgery? Certainly not! While both of them are from the medical field, they have different specialisations. Similarly, a wood framer and a carpenter are massively different due to their specialized work. In this article, we will dive a little deeper to know the difference between wood framing and carpentry.

Wood Framer vs. Carpenter

First, let’s find out what a wood framer and a carpenter are –

Wood Framer

A wood framing contractor specialises in maintaining the structural integrity of a building. To put it simply, they create the wooden skeleton of a frame that will support the entire building. Professional Wood Framing Contractors in Surrey are responsible for tasks such as building walls, roofing, and installing doors and windows.

Wood framing professionals work with blueprints or engineering drawings to maintain the project’s structural integrity and follow all safety standards.


A carpenter works on various wooden structures and objects and creates and repairs wooden things, both inside and outside the building. A professional carpenter’s tasks include installing cabinets and countertops and framing walls.

During the carpentry process, carpenters work with wood already cut to size. After taking an accurate measurement, these professionals use several hand-operated and power equipment and tools to cut, shape and assemble wooden pieces to create the desired product.

How Are Wood Framing Contractors Different from Carpenters?

The key difference between a wood framing contractor and a carpenter is the type of projects they handle. While Wood Framing Contractors in Langley are liable to maintain the structural integrity of a building, carpenters, on the other hand, create different structures, furniture pieces, and objects that are to be used inside and outside the building.

Wood framers usually work on larger projects, including multi-family homes and commercial buildings. On the contrary, most carpenters tend to handle smaller projects such as single-family homes. They are responsible for manufacturing things like cabinets and flooring.

Whom Would You Call – A Wood Framer Or Carpenter?

While building a home, whom would you call – a wood framing contractor or a carpenter? The reality is that you need to call both a wood framing contractor and a carpenter during your home construction process but at different times.

Wood Framing Contractors in Vancouver or other locations would be the first professionals to build the wooden structure that forms the building’s skeleton. Once the framing work is completed, carpenters would manufacture and install various structures and objects, including countertops, cabinets, doors, and flooring.


During the construction process of your home, it is important to hire the right professional who has specialised skills in specific jobs, be it wood framing or carpentry. Choose the specialised professionals who can complete your project safely and on time.

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