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Top 3 Ideas On Home Improvement And Renovations In Delta Perfect For Small Bathrooms

Apart from kitchens, bathrooms are likely to be the most common space for improvement and renovation for homeowners. And this is for a good reason, too. For homes with small bathrooms, you need to be creative to get the most out of your available space.

If you are looking for some bathroom remodel ideas during your Home Improvement and Renovations in Delta, we can assure you that your limited footprint won’t be a constraint in your design creativity!

Here, we’ll share some renovation ideas to make your small bathroom functional, and stylish without breaking the bank.

Top 3 Ideas For Remodeling Small Bathrooms

1. Make Everything Clearly Visible

In your bathroom renovation project, pay special attention to the shower. Whether you have a pre-fabricated enclosure or a built-in and installed on-spot, it should have minimum materials and clean lines to make everything clearly visible.

Choose the material of your shower enclosure that allow light through it. You may consider glass or open enclosures for the sides. If needed, opt for Ceiling Repair in Delta and clean the glass walls to maximize the benefits of clean lines and eliminate excess clutters.

2. Get Wall Niche With Design

In a small bathroom, you don’t have the luxury of large storage spaces and prebuilt cabinets. So, you have to be creative with your storage in your Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Delta –

  • Look for underused areas in the bathroom and add a niche in the shower wall to keep usable cleaning and hygiene products.
  • Add a deep, inset cabinet for storing daily-use items and medicines to avoid clutter around the way.
  • Consider adding decorative floating shelves with glass options to add the feel of space.
  • Install towel bars where you can hang towels, decorative linens, and robes, and add hooks in conjunction with the bar for storage bins and baskets.

3. Focus On Lights

Gone are the days of small, dark, overstuffed bathrooms, feeling like closets. As you tackle small bathroom renovation process, shift your focus to lighting. Vanity lights placed above the sink and cabinets can create a decorative feel. The more lights, the larger the feeling.

If needed, work on Ceiling Repair in Delta and add a window in the shower to allow adequate natural light into the bathroom. Adding skylights is another option for adding more natural lights.

In your small bathroom renovation project, make Right Time Construction your partner who can recommend the perfect place for the window and skylight.


Q. Should you consider keeping a bathtub in a small bathroom renovation?

A. The bathtub is like an ornament, better suited for an extensive master bedroom. However, an average bathtub occupies 13 sqft of space, which would be huge, and better to get rid of it.

Q. Will bathroom renovation contractors in Delta help you repair ceilings?

A. A bathroom renovation contractor like Right Time Construction provides a one-stop solution for all home improvement needs, including ceiling and drywall installation and repair.

Q. Which room you should renovate first?

A. During home remodeling, you should invest in a room that recoups the cost and creates equity. In this aspect, you should consider remodeling your bathroom or kitchen first.


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