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Acoustic And Feature Ceilings

Acoustic ceilings are the best solution for interior sound control. Much of the harsh sounds we experience inside our house come from the sound bouncing off the hard surfaces such as ceilings, floors, and furniture. Our acoustic panels are designed to reduce the inside noise of a room by up to 70%.

Here, at Right Time Construction LTD, we understand your needs for controlled sound for your home, office, or commercial space. Hence, our expert professionals provide the best acoustic and featured ceilings in Delta, Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, and surroundings that serve as barriers to block the sound coming from adjacent rooms and surroundings. From acoustic ceiling panel installation to Ceiling Repair – we are a one-stop ceiling solution for all your requirements.

Acoustic Ceiling Solutions at Right Time Construction LTD

  • Easy Installation: Our team of professional installers will help you create beautiful, comfortable, noise-free interior space with the right choice of acoustic ceiling panels and their perfect installation solution.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Repairs: At Right Time Construction, we are one of the best professionals in acoustic Ceiling Repair Whether you live in Delta, Surrey, Langley, or Vancouver, feel free to contact our experienced and trained contractors for ceiling replacement and repairs.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Maintenance and Improvement: Along with top-rated installation, our ceiling contractors also provide ceiling maintenance services, keeping in mind the safety of our customers. We also provide echo and reverberation issues with ceiling improvement works to ensure their maximum performance.

To discuss your project’s acoustic ceiling requirement, get in touch with our professionals today!

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